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Legislation Has Nullified Nuclear Medicine Technology
Now Anyone Can Perform the Studies.......
Reference: New England Chapter E-Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology
Volume 12, Issue 2, Fall 2016, Pg. 6

Not yet, please let’s not let this happen ever, please read the following and let’s protect this house.  In future journals the executive committee has discussed and would like to implement a Legislative section.  Jana Hogan our editor has agreed and she will publish items as they come in.  This section would address the issues of licensure and other items of legislation that can impact our practice. 

Erin Beloin (the current president) and myself hope to approach our New England TAG (Technologist Advocacy Group) members, and those who represent us in the respective states of the New England Chapter. In partnership with these members we can see what issues may be on the horizon or on the table.  These issues must be addressed as they arise, it is too late to act if legislation is enacted, and then we may be stuck with something that is not in alignment with our scope of practice. We will also ask the membership as a whole to keep us informed of any issue and that their state legislative representative might be considering.  Please email me or one of our Executive Board Members. 


The National Advocacy Committee, chaired by Lynne Roy, the TAG subcommittee, chaired by Tony Sicignano and the Scope of Practice subcommittee, chaired by Tricia Peters will support our members and help advance all issues coming from each of our individual New England States.  The Advocacy Committee has your back.

New England Chapter member Tony Sicignano represents Connecticut, and chairs the national committee of TAG.  He has done an outstanding job on the national as well as for his own state of Connecticut. David Gilmore represents the state of Massachusetts. From the state of New Hampshire Rich Serino, who has retired from his work, now represents the technologists in his state.   Rhode Island is represented by Mark Kershaw, Maine is represented by Rena Kinney and Kenneth Allen represents Vermont.  These representatives may ask us to write letters or contact our legislators.


Our Voices Are Important, Our Profession is Important. We thank these folks for their hard work and dealing in political arena which can be futile.


There is a decrease in members for our chapter.  The NECTS and the SNMMITS are the ones making sure that the legislation out there is correct for what we do, and protects our profession and our patients from the NMT wanna be's that are attempting to do what they cannot.  If you know a technologist who is not with us, please have them join our society.  It’s with numbers of technologist where we are successful. We do not want the headline above ever to be reality.  Direct your SNMMI non-member friends to join today by going to the SNMMI website –

Leo Nalivaika, MBA, CNMT, FSNMMITS

NECTS President-Elect

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